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creative, coding, & consulting

stoqe saves big & little brands lots of time & money on websites, domains, & email. if our values align let's work together, change the world, and save you time & money too.

why you should

" this is brilliant. thanks for caring "

salvatore malatesta, ceo st ali & sensory lab

" you just saved us $20k... per year "

lorna jane international

" an instant 30% increase in online sales "

shanaka fernando, ceo lentil as anything

" our webapp has increased our online orders 10 fold "

sam, owner what's fishin

" a single consultation saved us $4k per year "

[nda client]

" cancel our agency. and their retainer "

[the same nda client]

" a working website & email in 24hrs "

sock height, start-up

" independent advice is priceless "

robbie mcewen, robbie mcewen cycling

" your expert advice is priceless "

danielle duell, ceo people with purpose

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stoqe is an indie business made in woiworung (aka melbourne). i acknowledge the wurundjeri people as the rightful custodians of the land.

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